There is an old saying:  “Red skies in the morning; sailor take warning.”  That’s not an old wives’ tale; it is something you can count on, it means there is a storm on the horizon.  I and many others see another type of storm on the horizon, high food prices like never before.  I remember well the Seventies and the high gas prices with long lines at gas stations, or some with a sign reading “sorry, no gas” and food costs that skyrocketed.

There is another thing that you can depend on; gardening, growing your own food.  Back in the era of World War II, there was an effort on the part of everyday people to have their own gardens.  They were called Victory Gardens and they were designed to offset the costs of the grocery bill and to supplement food rationing and shortages in support of the war efforts.  I believe the time has come to start-up those Victory Gardens again.  Besides, gardening can be very rewarding.  My approach to this Blog will presume that you do not know much about gardening, but if you do, I hope even the most experienced will learn from this Blog.

© NOTICE: Anyone reading this, or watching the video clips; may copy or print all or any portion to share with others; as long as you do not profit from my works.  I want to help people grow their own food, not grow your bank account.  I would prefer that you send them the links to this site and my other locations in order for them to read my blog sand view the video clips because the more who visit, the more it will encourage me to keep this going and will let me know that I’m helping others.  I make no claim to endorse or control any advertisements associated with this Blog site, or any other sites where you find my works that are not gardening related. And please, be safe in your garden; by using tools and products properly as well as wearing the appropriate gear and clothing.



I chose the title Five Minute Gardening because most of what I will write and show you in the video clips, will take only about five minutes to read and view.  Plus, learning gardening in five minute bites will be easier to remember and understand without overload, because for the beginner, gardening can seem intimidating.  I want to keep all that I write and show you as brief but informative as possible; so I will not waste time and space with a lot of anecdotal stories, complicated details and gadgets, just what works for me in my garden.  I want to show you the basics of growing your own food from a production garden.

Gardening is work.  Let’s get that out of the way right up front.  Your plants are going to work hard to produce as much food as possible for you.  The amount of work you put in the garden will have a great effect on what you get out of it and make the plants produce to their maximum.  What I hope to accomplish with this Blog and the accompanying video clips is to help you get as much out of your garden as possible, with the minimum effort.  That sounds like a contradiction to my previous statement, but this can be done without spending all day every Saturday in the garden.  It is an absolute must to visit your garden once every day, rain or shine and I’ll explain that in a moment.  A garden that is healthy and is working for you; will make your care-taking efforts seem more like fun than work.

Your garden can suffer irreversible damage from insects and other elements in less than one hour if conditions are not monitored closely; and most issues can be spotted and dealt with in five minutes if caught early.  Therefore, a daily visit is a must to catch any possible issues before damage is done, but again these visits can be done in about five minutes.  With these things in mind; it should be noted that the garden should be located as close to your house as possible and that leads to my first topic; where to put the garden?  So, with that said, let’s get gardening.

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